Health is often defined by terms the absence of which indicates its presence.  Its definitions are as varied as the persons and organizations offering them.

Measuring health by a set of standardized ranges and numbers is conventional, convenient, widely accepted and, indeed, a very useful basis of public health planning and providing scientifically validated measurements outside of which most people would either feel unwell, be at an increased risk of developing a serious condition or compromising their future wellbeing.  While fully accepting the merits and usefulness of the above system, we also believe that there are certain specific aspects of health which are so uniquely individual that the clinicians and therapists need to look beyond the normalcy based on ‘the herd statistics’. To use the negative of a cliché, in achieving optimal health, in some cases at least, one size does not fit all. For some individuals to enjoy maximum levels of wellbeing they have to go beyond numbers, ratios and other numerical parameters. Life, after all is neither a mere number nor a set of them. It is an undefinable and ineffable experience.

Health determines one’s achievements, enjoyments and the uniqueness of life’s experience. Statistics cannot change one’s uniqueness and it is precisely in discovering, accepting and celebrating this uniqueness, that life can be experienced in its fullness.

Optimal health, therefore, is what is ideal for you; what makes you feel most energetic and alive. It starts with honestly discovering who you are, responsibly cultivating every faculty of your being to its highest potential and graciously accepting all that life has to offer including the limitations it places on your physique and mental capacities. All this is an affirmation of your uniqueness. And at we help you discover and celebrate this uniqueness!  



Dr. Akhtar Injeeli