Emmanuel Qasir Injeeli


Kuliyat-e Injeeli

(Lahore: Mavra Publications/, 2015),
Edited by Dr Preeya Tabita (Ph D)


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Dr Akhtar Injeeli



Sufism and Jihad (London: CGE Publication Limited, 2012) pages 186,
Forward by The Rt Revd Dr Michael Naizr-Ali,  ISBN 978-1-909061-04-0


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Magazines and Journal Articles:


  • Monthly contributions to The Minorities View (articles can be accessed by selecting the month from the archives).
    • May 2020: Children of a lessor god
    • April 2020: Correction please, these are my scriptures
    • March 2020: Panacea for Pakistan
    • February 2020: A Pakistani Christian's statue in the British royal church
    • January 2020: Understanding BC and AD calendar


Newspaper Articles:



Dr Prudent Injeeli



Mind Your Words (Singapore: Trafford, 2013) pages 312, ISBN: 978-1-4669-9131-6 (sc),  & 978-1-4669-9133-0 (e) by Sok Uttara Ph. D, Associate Dean and Professor of Pannasastra University of Cambodia 


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Baptized in Blood and Fire (London:, 2018) pages 298, ISBN: 978-1-910693-87-2, Foward by Councillor Morris Johns, Researcher, All -Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for the Pakistan Minorities, London.


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