Services provided by Injeeli Consultancy Limited (Reg. in UK)

Translation and Editing Services 
Experienced translators and editors
From English to Urdu / Urdu to English
Pamphlets, tracts, letters, documents and books: all material considered

Health Advice and Medical Consultations 
Board Certified, GMC (UK) registered, Family Physician (General Practitioner)
Qualified in 1990, worked in the Philippines, Pakistan and the United Kingdom
Over ten years experience in hospital medicine
Over twelve years experience in General Practice

Lectures, Seminars and Discussions
Dr P Injeeli has over thirty years of experience in teaching English language, grammar and literature at high school, college and university levels
Dr A Injeeli has years of experience as a science teacher, health lecturer, TV host, discussant of various aspects of current issues especially those relating to the minorities in Pakistan

Speaking Appointments 
Biblical themes of basic Christian doctrines, validity of the Sacred Scriptures in the light of historical and archeological evidence
Bible as literature, and Bible as history, History of, Bible and the modern science and challenges facing the Christians in Pakistan today

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Psychotherapy services 
Qualified Chaplain (USA), experienced in providing  spiritual care during loss, greif, long-term illnesses and end of life situations

Book Reviewing Services
Experienced reviewers; Book Reviews published by London School of Theology (UK), Melbourne School of Theology (Australia), The Minorities View (Pakistan) and Google Books



Dr Prudent Injeeli, BA, MA (English), DD (comparative religions), INTESOL qualified, professor of the English language, author: Mind your wordsBaptized in Blood and Fire, freelance journalist, news analyst and chaplain


Prudent Injeeli   


Dr Akhtar Injeeli, BSc, MD, Dip.(Islamic Studies), MTh, PG Diploma (Diabetes), PG studies (Public Health) Medical doctor, researcher, book reviewer, author: Sufism and Jihad,  Editor: Christian News Alert, Freelance journalist, TV host (Gateway Gazette weekly show, London, Sky channel 711)

Dr Akhtar Injeeli











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