Quaid-e-Azam's Vision - Christians in Pakistan: The Battle for Justice

(Five Decades of Struggle for the constitutional rights of the Pakistan Christian Minority)

Author: George Felix

Publishers: St Salford (UK), Agape Press,  2001

ISBN: 1 870645 04 9

Pages: 208

Quaid-e-Azam's Vision - Christians in Pakistan: The Battle for JusticeQuaid-e-Azam’s Vision by Mr. George Felix is one of the rare works on the issue of the persecuted church in Pakistan. Mr. Felix takes pains to chronologically state the events in order to present his case for the minorities in Pakistan.

The book is a catalogue of the events that have slowly but surely led to the very dismal condition of the minorities in Pakistan in general and that of the Christians in particular. Mr. Felix has very explicitly expounded the vision of the founder of Pakistan and has made a solid case against the elements that have played a vigorous but nefarious role in sabotaging the true vision of the Quaid.

Mr. Felix has organized the book in two parts, the first part highlights the historical struggle of the minorities since the division of India into two states - India and Pakistan.  He also reports the significant incidents of the Christian persecution in various parts of the country over the years. The writer makes a very fair analysis of the events that have lead the Christians into the darkness of uncertainty and hopelessness. The book, “Quaid-e-Azam’s Vision” also raises many constitutional issues that have plagued the Christian minority in many ways for years. The bar on the right to jobs of Christians in civil services and many other national spheres has psychologically damaged the Christian minority in a very harsh and severe way.

Mr. Felix also brings to light many dimensions of the notorious blasphemy law called 295 C that has taken many lives in a most cruel way leaving the Christian minority totally helpless, handicapped and defenseless before the public and the legal system of the country. In the second part of the book, Mr. Felix presents the documentary proofs of the statements, news clips and the legal proceedings pertaining to the struggles of the minorities in Pakistan. Unfortunately, there seems to be no silver lining in the horizon as far as the future of Christians in Pakistan is concerned, however, people like Mr. George Felix have been trying to make an earnest effort to raise the issue at an international level to bring the gravity and the urgency of the matter to the attention of the international community and the civilized world.

The book, “Quaid-e-Azam’s Vision – Christians in Pakistan: The Battle for Justice” is an earnest and praiseworthy attempt to keep alive the issue of the persecuted church in Pakistan and is a great read for those who seek an honest and accurate understanding of the events of persecution of Christens in Pakistan.

Mr. Felix has put his heart and soul into his work and the book reveals his strong passion for doing something significant in the service of his fellow believers in Pakistan.

Dr. Prudent Injeeli