Nayyer, Prof. Yousaf Rehmat

A  teacher of recognized merit, an accomplished writer and a distinnguished academician, professor Yousaf Rehmat Nayyer, is respected by many for his academic excellence and his literary output. As an academic he is well suited for his role, having earned: BSc, BEd, DHMS, MDiv, MA and MPhil (Urdu). And as a writer his published works include Gul-e basharat (1987)  گل بشارت , Hakeem Abdul Nabi Shajjar Tehrani - Fun aur Shakhsiyet (1995)    حکیم عبدا لنبی شجر تہرانی- فن اور شخصیت  ,   and  Roshani ka pehla din   (1999)  روشنی کا پہلا دن .
Nayyer, Prof. Yousaf RehmatNayyer has over forty years of academic experience. However during these years his activities have not been  limited to traditional class room teaching alone. He has helped create literary awareness among hundreds, and has actively participated in many dynamic literary  organizations. Included in these years are his services rendered a a professor at different colleges. He was the Chairman for the Department of Urdu at Government  Murray college, Sialkot (2000-2006), executive member of Punjabi Adabi Sangat Sialkot (1985-1990), General Secretary Halqa-e Arbabab-e Zaouq, Sialkot (1986-2000), and patron-in-chief of Al-Faiz, Literary Journal of Murray College (2000-2006). Prof. Nayyer's columns have appeared in many national, and international newspapers and journals.  Some of the religious songs he wrote are now included in the Sialkot Convection hymn book. His place among  significant Urdu writers of this age has been assured by a thesis which has been written on his personality, life and writings the Punjab university (Pakistan), where he also served as a member of the Board of Studies, in the Department of Urdu.   
Nayyer has never forgotten his debt to his teachers, and in the Eastern tradition of paying life-long homage to them would like it to be known that significant among them were: Prof. Gulzar Wafa Chowdry, Dr. Agha Sohail and Nazeer Qaiser.
His awards and honours recieved from various organizations cannot be listed here  in enirity, but the following is a representative selection: Best jounalist Award, Sialkot Press Club ((1992), Sabir Memorial Award, Sabir Memorial Acadamy (1994), Joshua Fazal-uddin Liereray Award, PCWG (1997), Literary Award, Govenment Murray College Sialkot, (1998), Punjabi Adbi Sangat Award, London (2000), Mertorious Literary Achievent Award, Naulakha Church (2003) and Dr. Bishop John Joseph Shaheed Award, Mother Teresa Welfacer Society, Pakistann (2006).