Roomal Shah, Archdeacon Inayat

Padri Inayat Roomal Shah's ancestors, an agricultural clan,  originally from the Eastern Punjab migrated to the Western Punjab and were relatively prosperous. He received his elementary education from the local government high school and continued his theological studies first, between 1930 -34, in Amritsar, India,  then  at Calrckabad Bible School (now in Pakistan).  

In 1937 Bishop George Barnar ordained  him to Church ministry following which he served as a chaplain in the British army. After retiring from service he served in Essa Nagri and later on the staff of Lahore Cathedral. He served Karachi Dioceses as an archdeacon for long time. Between 1994 - to 1997 he served the Christian community in the Oxford Dioceses in England. 

According to the well-known Church historian, Dr. Yousaf Masih Yad, he was proud of the honour of having studied under the guidance of Qaziullah, the father of  F.S. Khairulllah who became recognized by his monumental work Qamus-ul Kitab. 

Roomal Shah was a religious leader, thinker, exegete  and a very convincing writer. In UK he wrote continually in Tajali (monthly), Kalisiya International (quarterly) magazines.  His published books are: Haqiqat-e HayatHaqiqat-e Taslees, and Hamara Virsa.

The Archdecan Inayat Roomal Shah fell ill in the beginning of 1997 and slept in the mercy of his Lord on 11 January 1997.