Bhatti, Javaid Siddique

A native of the cultural centre of Pakistan, Lahore, Javaid Sadique Bhatti has the natural gift of arranging and rearranging words to bring beauty and rhythm to both his prose and poetry. This coupled with his academic awards, master degrees in Punjabi and Urdu gives the power to his pen. He is a published poet and author of well acclaimed books. His Urdu books include, Roo Baroo(1994), Pani Par Tasweer(Urdu Ghazzlain)(1996)Yass (Urdu Nazmain)(200), and Sookha Phool (Urdu Nazmain our Ghazzlain) (2007). His Punjabi publications include, GawachayHeeray (2004)Dhake Chalian (2005)and Uudeek  (2006). In addition to these his thought-provoking articles have appeared in Aftab daily, Seyasat daily, and Ahl-e-Qalam, and Romaan monthlies. He accepts Dr. Kanwal Feroze, Pof. Ajaml Neyazi, and Prof. Jaffar Balooch as his mentors

Javaid Sadique Bhatti is recipient of several prestigious awards, among them are the CISS Letters Award, Pakistan Cultural Club Award, Munir Niazi Award, Joshua Fazal Din Award, Peace Award and Tak Kashmiree Award.