Shahbaz, Younis (b. 1949)

Shahbaz, Younis (b. 1949)A contemporary scholar whose pen easily and quite successfully spans the complexities of four major languages, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and English, Mr. Younis Shabaz has made his mark among the Urdu speaking Christian community by writing popular religious songs. His songs are an eloquent proof of his command over the language that he writes: in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. He has also become iconic for his work with the Christian Broadcasting Association (CBA). Three of his plays, Paras, Nia Qdam and Zahoor-e- Zindigi have been televised from Pakistan Television (PTV), Lahore, Pakistan.
 Younis Shahbaz also has to his enduring credit the honour of being the chief-patron for the magazine, Cornerstone. This prolific play-writer, poet and translator of several religious books, hails from the city of Sialkot, a city known for producing scholars and poets of the highest calibre. With Masters degrees in English and Punjabi, and a life-time commitment to advancing the cause of Christian Urdu literature, Younis Shahbaz is a name to be followed for may years to come.