Kanwal, Ms. Asnath

Kanwal, Ms. AsnathAsnath Kanwal, a well-known poetess, columnist and short-story writer hails from Lahore, Pakistan. She is a family lady but this has not overshadowed her long and significant contributions to the world of Urdu literature. In addition to being a graduate of the Punjab University, she also hold Urdu Faazal Diploma, and a diploma of Bible Seminary Training from F.G.A. Bible College Lahore. She regards Dr. Kanwal Feroze as her mentor and teacher in literary matters. She has thus far published three books, Paniyun Ka Phool (poetry 2003), Khawab aur Inqlab (collection of published columns 2005), and Intizar, (collection of short stories (fiction ) 2009). Another two books, in the various stages of publication are,  Ankh Mein Pani Rahney Dey (poetry), and Zairay Daam (fiction).

Her articles and poetry often find place in countrywide and internationally renowned magazines such as, Muasar, Mah-e-Nau, Shadab, Humsukhan, Sanjan, Tadeeb, Nikhar, Zindaghi (Magazine Daily Pakistan), Shairy, Belag, Rang-e-Adab, Sanghat, Duniya-e-Adab, Adbiyat, Sayyara Digest, Sad Rang, Women Times, Zar-Nigahr, Qirtas, Muskarahat and Nala-e Dil. She has nearly a dozen awards and honours to her name: I. D. Shahbaz Award, from Pakistan Christian Writers' Guild, Qateel Shaffai Society Award, Shadu-Wunren Award form Human Rights International, Literary Forum ADRAAK Award, Adab Saywa Award, Naulakha Church Writers Award, Taq Kashmiri Award, form LDBE, and Ex. General Secretary (Central) Pakistan Christian Writer's Guild. Asnath Kanwal has contributed quality material to Urdu literature and her columns have lead many to think and ask difficult questions. Yet as a writer she continues to challenge the intellectual elite while at the same time providing beautiful poetry for sensitive hearts.