Rahi, Rev. Hakim Singh

Reverend Hakim Singh Rahi ( حاکم سنگھ را ہی )  has published following four books in Urdu.

Karwan-e Heyat, (کاروان حیات),  Ayeena-e Heyat (آئنہ حیات),  Naghma-e Saleeb (نغمہ صلیب ) and Sada-e Haque   (صد ا حق).

This is an eloquent testimony that Urdu, as a language is not only surviving but indeed thriving among Indian Christians.

Ayeena-e Heyat, a collection of spiritual poems, songs, ghazals and nazems about various aspects of Christian faith such a Christmas, Easter, promotes human values and praises God and our Lord Jesus Christ.  This work was recognized and awarded by the Urdu academy West Bengal Calcutta (1989).

He has also authored Sri Guru Granth Sahib Doscovered which is in English.


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